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  About 50,000 Canadians have strokes each year; an15% of them will die as a result. There are approximately 300,000 strokes survivors in Canada today, 50% of them suffered permanent disability.
  Our health care system provides a lot of rehabilitation programs to help the patient to regain as much of the independence as possible by help the patients relearn the best possible use of their body. They did a great job, but it is still a lot of space to get improvement.
  Traditional Chinese Medicine sees the stroke as the energy and blood flowing in the meridians gets blocked. The treatment is focus on unblock the meridians. Acupuncture is a better way to help improve the functions of the body.
  Even though the patient has already gotten a good result through the rehabilitation, further significant improvement is observed after acupuncture treatment.
A stroke is what happens when blood can't reach the brain. This can happen for two main reasons: a blood clot or other blockage in an artery keeps blood from reaching the brain, causing a stroke; or a blood vessel bursts, causing a hemorrhagic stroke. (Another name that you may hear for stroke is cerebrovascular accident, or CVA.) When blood, and the crucial nutrients and oxygen it carries, can't reach the brain, brain cells can quickly die, leaving permanent damage.
  But if you see our body as a computer, you can see the brain as just the hardware and the function of organs and how these functions influence the flowing of energy and blood as the software. When the hardware got partially damaged, we can reconfigure the software to reach the potentials of the undamaged part of hardware and make the computer run smoothly despite the damage.
  Therefore, instead of relearn the skills only, the patient can regain functions. That include regain the control of you muscle, cure the swallow difficulty and incontinence of stool and urine.
  For the first time stroke patient, if it happened less than 18 month, after 10 treatments, you can see satisfying result. If it is more than 18 month or it is the second time stroke, at least 30 treatments are needed to see the improvement.
  If you, or a loved one, had a stroke, do not hesitate to give us a call and make an appointment for a free assessment and consultation.
  Imagine you can get rid of the wheelchair; imagine you can live independently and respectfully; calculate the cost you may save on nursing and personal support. You spend a little bit in the short term; you will save a lot in the long run. The functions get partly or completely cured is not just a dream.

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