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"Diabetes is curable" Simon says.

As we all know Diabetes 1 is because the pancreas stops producing insulin which makes the cells to use the sugar.

Diabetes 2 is not because the body has too much sugar, it is because the cells can not use the sugar as if there is no sugar to be used. Therefore the body raises the blood sugar level or pours more sugar into the blood to fill the fake deficiency. Just lower the blood sugar level can not help this condition. The hungry cells may starve to die. That explain the nerve damage and infections happen on diabetes patient.

If the cells in your body are all on a hungry condition, the person will feel weak. When those cells are making every effort to get the sugar they need, the body will eat, drink and urinate a lot.

Though these symptoms, TCM's theory indicate that it is because the energy in kidney, liver and spleen become too low. We use moxibustion and herbal treatment to boost up energy in these three organs.

Here are instructions for one of the herbal tablets we often use:

  1. Take it with alcohol. As high as 16% alcohol, Sake is recommended. You can also use vodka, but dilution is suggested.
  2. 10 tablets per day
  3. Do not eat or drink cold stuff, for the water, only drink hot water, for the vegetables cook it before eat.
  4. Do not eat lettuces.
  5. You can drink a cup of brown sugar water every day, and avoid using white sugar in your diet.
  6. If it is comfortable to you, you can stop taking the drugs during the treatment and let the blood sugar run. Otherwise you can slowly reduce the drug usage, but the procedure will be much longer.

The moxibustion points are list below:
  1. sp6 gb39 lr13
  2. Put the burning tip of the stick 3cm away from the point and stay there. If hot or burning sensation is felt, move a little bit further away, after a while move back to the previous location. Totally 6 points, 2- 20 min per point, the longer the better.

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