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Quit Smoking


.You make up your mind, we deal with the withdraw syndrome

When a person gets used of the smoking, we know he is addict to it. In his body there is an ill balance which has to have cigarettes to weight on it to keep balance. When he stops smoking, without the cigarettes, it get off balance. That makes the person feel very uncomfortable-this is the withdraw syndrome.

With acupuncture we break up that ill balance, and at same time, help you establish a new balance which does not have cigarettes weight on it. Therefore, when you smoke- you put cigarettes on it- it will get off balance. That makes the person feel uncomfortable-this is how we treat the withdraw syndrome.

But you have to make up your mind before you come for the treatment. A big portion of our client reported that they feel the taste of the cigarettes changed bad right after the treatment. As you know, the newly established balance is fragile compared with the old one. If you keep on putting cigarettes on, the body will accommodate it, and change back to the previous condition.

Three weeks is needed to build a habit, no mater good or bad. Just one treatment, can not guarantee that you completely stop smoking. Our quit smoking program require you have three treatments, one for every week. That make sure you are good for three weeks.

For some heavy smokers, each treatment can only greatly decrease the amount they have each day. But normally, after three treatments they stop it completely.

Your partner also counts. If he is smoking and you automatically join him after treatment, you will magically find yourself smoking without knowing what you are doing. Therefore if you want to quit smoking, come together with your partner.

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