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Weight control (appetite control)


Before we talk about weight loss, you have to know why people gain weight. That is because you take in more than you burn out. So what we can do with acupuncture is to help you eat less or burn more.

Some people eat too much, sometimes because of stress; sometimes the appetite is just too good so that the person does not know when to stop eating, even he is already full. We can use acupuncture to reduce the stress, more importantly we can reduce the appetite for you. Normally, you can notice the effect after the first treatment. You may fell less hungry and when you get full you can notice that and know you should stop eating. But your habit may come back which you can notice it. Before it really comes back, you should get another treatment. Therefore, the appetite is kept in the normal range, several weeks later you will get used of normal appetite, and then the job is done. This method is also being used to treat those people who craving for certain foods like sweet, etc.

Some people just burn too little. Normally, this condition is a combination of other diseases. We need to use acupuncture and herbs to treat the original disease such as hypothyroid, diabetes etc.

Our clinic has three programs to help people loss weight. First one is for control the appetite, second one is for low metabolism with big belly, third one is that we use a series of nutrition treatment especially for the person who have diabetes issius and the last one is the 10-days program which stimulates acupuncture points on the belly with an electricity stimulating pad. If you want a fast track, this program is a very good option.

But all the programs work not very well on those who are on anti-depression drugs or have hypothyroid problems. For this condition, we need to try to use acupuncture and herbal treatment to deal with the disease and reduce the medicine use first.

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